Merritt's hands-on experience accelerates new product design and development, increases product life and improves performance while keeping the cost competitive in the global market.

Our engineers design and build safer, smarter, connected industrial equipment/ products, and it helps our customers to expand their business rapidly. A research-oriented culture and out-of-the-box thinking reflected in a growing number of new products further consolidates strong domain knowledge in engineering with the latest technologies in industrial products.

Test rigs

  • Motor performance test rigs exported to the USA
  • Design and supply of butterfly valve test rig to the USA

Jigs and fixtures

  • PCB testing and program feeding fixtures design and supply to USA
  • Design and supply of Jigs and fixtures to France

Special purpose machines

  • Vacuum-operated PVD and CVD deposition systems
  • Universal chip compactors for clean machine shops
  • 100 meters range dust suppressing mobile mist system

Industrial gearboxes

  • Development of PTOs
  • Development of Rotary head gearbox

Electronic access control systems

  • Design of light-duty door operator
  • Design of motor test rigs
  • Design of PCB test fixtures

Rail Transportation

The traditional asset intensive global rail industry is going through a renaissance where digital automation, smart enablement and data analytics are being leveraged to provide agility, flexibility and interactivity while reducing costs. We empower OEMs and operators to achieve these objectives and improve safety, reliability, communication and efficiency with our leading-edge digital solutions.

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