Computer Aided Engineering

Computer Aided Engineering

Merritt focuses on understanding the product regarding application, functions, and construction. We clearly define the scope, realistic assumptions, and capabilities of CAE to the customer based on their requirement. And we guide customers to follow the most effective approaches to perform virtual validations.

Our experienced CAE team and subject matter experts analyse every problem matching physics and interpret the results to provide the most appropriate suggestions and conclusions. The first step towards achieving such accurate results always begins by knowing the intent behind the analysis requirement and the physics involved in the product.

We offer our customers the following simulation portfolios

A. Finite Element Analysis (FEA):

- Structural

Quick understanding of critical stress components

Considering Contact, Material & Geometric non-linearity

Extract the natural frequencies during both free-free & fixed-free conditions

to capture resonance considering sinusoidal forced excitation inputs

to capture resonance considering Power Spectral Density (PSD) excitation inputs

to check shock/drop test conditions

based on the maximum and minimum principal stresses from static analysis

to capture stress plots for selected members under inertial load conditions

to capture the deformations under constant stress & temperature
- Thermal

Quick understanding of thermal stresses

consideration of thermal load varying over time

B. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD):

1. Identification of pressure & velocity variations
2. Fluid-structure interaction simulation

Rail Transportation

The traditional asset intensive global rail industry is going through a renaissance where digital automation, smart enablement and data analytics are being leveraged to provide agility, flexibility and interactivity while reducing costs. We empower OEMs and operators to achieve these objectives and improve safety, reliability, communication and efficiency with our leading-edge digital solutions.

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