Prototype & Testing

Prototype & Testing

Merritt has experience in prototype and testing of the designs created by it’s team or customers. Merritt also builds proof of concepts during its design stages to ensure the working of functions and features are meeting the product design requirements.

The process followed for the prototyping:

  1. 1. Based on the requirement team plans for the process like 3D printing, vacuum molding, direct machining/soft tooling of parts to avoid expensive tooling development
  2. 2. Merritt has an ecosystem of partners to develop sheet metal parts, plastic parts, machined parts, wire cut parts, springs and other specific parts to meet the prototype requirements. Merritt also develops new supplier base for the added commodities
  3. 3. Team uses its in-house facility/ecosystem of partners for the advanced measurements like VMM, CMM, 3D scanning & mapping, gear testing, spring testing, etc. to meet the stringent Quality requirements
  4. 4. Team carry out the assembly and testing of the prototype and generate the reports to validate the assembly aspects, functional and other critical parameters as defined by its designers or customers
  5. 5. Team conducts the troubleshooting activities during the prototype testing, provides the root causes reports and also provide recommendations for an optimized design
  6. 6. Merritt collaboratively working with certifying agencies to certify the design functions and zone-specific regulatory requirements

3D printing solutions
for plastics

  • • FDM ABS
  • • AFDM plastics
  • • SLS Nylon
  • • Polyjet: polycarbonate
  • • SLA: ABS like material
  • • Silicon molds
  • • Metal 3D prints


  • • Stamping parts
  • • Machining precision parts
  • • Turning
  • • Milling
  • • 3 axis & 5 axis machining
  • • Springs
  • • Welding

Parts quality inspection
against spec

  • • 3d scanning and model overlapping

  • • CMM inspections

  • • Spring testing

  • • VMM inspection

Assembly and
testing activities

  • • Prototype assembly
  • • Testing
  • • Report generation for testing criteria's
  • • Analysis of the report for communication with design team
  • • Trouble shooting using engineering analysis
  • • Silicon molds
  • • Remanufacturing and revalidations

We also supply low cost manufactured parts and assemblies with Quality inspection reports

Manufactured Parts

  • • Sheet metal stamping parts
  • • CNC parts using 3 axis, 5 axis machines
  • • CNC turned parts
  • • Wire cut parts
  • • Welding
  • • Springs
  • • Castings
  • • Sparking

Manufacturing of precision parts for prototyping and other supplies

Plastic 3D printed parts
Sheet metal and machined parts