Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence


Aerospace industries are started focusing on reverse, re-engineering engineering, VAVE, should costing, to cut costs on everycomponent. In order to reduce the cost, data is getting created in digital format and Merritt is supporting one of the major aerospace company in creating design data of various aerospace components like latches, springs, harness, hoses, connectors, gaskets, flash light holders, vibration isolators, air outlets, disconnector, various brackets, housing-shafts, clamps, gears, hinges, shrouds, etc. Major activities include study of assemblies to capture design criterion, teardown of the assemblies, material analysis, 3D scanning, parametric modeling of the parts and assemblies, validation of the design against assembly and functional parameters, generating functional criterion, spring data using lab test parameters, etc.


Merritt developing and supplying many defence products through its customers. Recently Merritt developed the portable outdoor pneumatic masts used in defence fordeploying the communication and surveillance devices.Two design variants to lift payloads of 50 kg and 100 kg.Individual mast can be carried by two army personnel and canbe operated by low pressure compressors or foot pump.Product development includes bench marking, deriving the optimal specifications&modular calculations, detailed design, structural analysis for dead loads and wind loads, proto development and testing as per the JSS-55555 standard. Supplied to Indian defence and successfully deployed at strategic locations.

Below mil standard regulatory tests were carried out

  • 1. Functional/load tests
  • 2. Wind load tests
  • 3. 24 hours creep test
  • 4. Environmental test like extreme temperatures, snow loads, salt spray tests,mould growth test
  • 5. Vibration tests