Material handling

About MERRITT Material handling system

In the modern era of competition, material handling acquired greater importance due to growing need for reducing the manufacturing cost. A properly designed and integrated material handling system provides tremendous cost saving opportunities and customer services improvement potential. MERRITT as a leading engineering service provider of conveyors design, special Equipment's and customized material handling equipment to suit specific requirements. Systems designed by MERRITT are the centrepiece of several Indian industries as well as Industries abroad. MERRITT is known for its innovative engineering and commitment to developing new technologies that improve the way materials are moved. MERRITT recognize that a good process layout coupled with conveyors design will determine the success of lean material handling system. Our expertise covers all the applications of Warehouse & assembly operations of product’s handling. Our conveyor designs provide reduction in tack time, reduced cycle & process time and higher throughput in assembly process.

MERRITT Design include the below mentioned activities :

  • • Review of input
  • • Layout, Sketch and design
  • • Type of Conveyor
  • • Calculation
  • • Aggregate selection Mechanical
  • • Structure design
  • • 3D design
  • • Analysis
  • • Updated design
  • • Drawings and BOM

Merritt is working on the design of power and free conveyor.